ASDesign Studio
Smart Interiors

ASDesign is a design studio focused on office design projects as well as public spaces and residential accommodations.

ASDesign was founded in 2005 in Lipetsk. Initially we specialized on orders of office furniture and proposed to our customers design projects based on local manufacturers of budget-priced office. In the course of time the pool of customers has expanded and now orders for café and restaurant design are being placed as well as orders from private customers’ orders for country estate and apartments. Nowadays the Company has a broad pool of customers which are both private customers and companies from Lipetsk, Voronezh, Penza and Saratov. Further, since 2010 interest in more expensive and higher-quality furniture began to show.

We are also familiar with produce of Vitra factory and we like it very much. Our customers often show interest in produce of Vitra, especially in these latter days. We had to place orders through dealers (resellers) in Yekaterinburg and Samara several times.

In connection with the aforesaid I would like to express great desire and intention to become the official dealers of Vitra to promote the produce of Vitra in our region.
Contact phone: +7 (903) 589-53-43

Adress: Universalniy proezd, 14
Russia, Lipetsk.